Effective date: June 12, 2014

Bijou México, S.A. de C.V., domiciled at Av. Santa Fe 495 int. 701, Col. Cruz Manca, Delegación Cuajimalpa de Morelos, zip code 05349, Mexico, Federal District, is the data controller with regard to the processing of your personal data and the protection of such data. This Notice provides relevant information for: (i) people who visit our website located at [] (the “Website”), including all people who subscribe to any of our services offered at the Website and; (ii) customers who visit our stores and provide us with their personal data for any purposes (our Website’s users and visitors and our store customers will be defined jointly as “customers” or “you”). This Notice details how Bijou, its affiliates and subsidiaries (collectively “Bijou” or “us”) use your personal data and the rights you are entitled to. Please take a minute to review this information.

1. What personal data do we obtain from you?

For the purposes set out in this Privacy Notice, Bijou will obtain from the customers who use our Website and from those who voluntarily provide our store the following personal data:
a. Identification data: name and surname, date of birth and genre.
b. Contact information: email address and zip code.
c. Images and voice: This data may be obtained in stores through our surveillance systems.

Bijou obtains personal data from its customers when they visit our Website and voluntarily fill out our contact forms and agree to receive information regarding our sales and news (sent through our Newsletter). Additionally, we may obtain your data personally when visiting our stores and when you request us to register you to our newsletter services, usually by filling out the appropriate form.

2. No collection of sensitive personal data.

Bijou does not obtain proactively from you any personal data that may be considered as sensitive, such as religion, state of health, sexual preferences, political opinions and similar data. Please do not send us data of this nature. Even when Bijou receives such information from you, when you voluntarily provide them to us (e.g. via email), we will not use this information for any purpose.

3. Collection of personal data through Cookies and similar technologies

Our Website uses “Cookies”. Cookies are small data archives stored in your computer or electronic communication device hard drive when browsing through our Website. These data archives allow us to exchange status information between our Website and the browser you use. The “status information” may reveal log in means, authentication means or your preferences as a user, as well as any other data stored in your browser regarding the Website.

Cookies allow us to monitor the behavior of a use on line. We use the information obtained through cookies to help us optimize the Website’s settings and therefore improve your experience as a user (e.g. identifying from which country you are entering from and re-route it to the corresponding website). Through the use of cookies we can, for example, personalize in your favor our homepage in order for our screens to be deployed in a better way according to your browser type.

Like most websites, our serves register your IP address, the URL address from which you accessed to our Website, the browser type, the date and hour in which you execute activities. We use this information to manage the system and optimize your use of the Website.

Your browser will allow cookies and enable automatic collection of information unless you change the default browser settings. Most browsers allow you to manage your cookies preferences. You may adjust your browser to reject or delete cookies. The following links show how to adjust the browser setting of the most frequently used browsers:

Internet Explorer

If you disable cookies from our Website, our Website may not charge properly and may not enable certain links.

4. Use of third parties’ cookies and web beacons

Bijou works with Google Analytics, VIMEO and other service providers that use technology to help us deliver our own content, provide targeted publicity and obtain anonymous metrics and website analysis. In the corresponding agreement, we require to these companies to use the information they obtain only to provide us with the services we required. Even when these companies use some anonymous information about you to display ads, we contractually prohibit these companies from collecting personal data about you.

Many of our service providers participate in a NAI opt-out program. You have the option to opt-out from the use of such information for said purposes by clicking here. To opt out of Google Analytics click here. We do not otherwise respond to browser Do Not Track signals at this time.

5. Why do we use your personal data?

The collection and processing of your personal data is carried out for the following purposes:

a) Delivery of our Newsletter, which includes publicity and sales, when chosen;
b) Perform marketing studies (e.g. referring to purchase frequencies, age, etc.) which will be conducted in a disaggregated manner; and
c) Monitoring and security of our facilities, through our video surveillance in stores.

Subscribing to our news and publicity services is absolutely voluntary. We do not require to convey with publicity deliveries to keep and maintain our legal relationship we may have with you in a certain moment; therefore, you will always have the initial option to not subscribe to our publicity systems; also, you will have the possibility at all times to opt-out from our advertising, sales and publicity messages. To do this, you only have to choose the “opt-out” option that will be attached in each message you receive.

6. With whom do we share your personal data?

Bijou may transfer its customers’ personal data to other companies or authorities for the purposes set out in this Privacy Notice. These data transfers include the following:

a. Since Bijou is part of an international group, your personal data may be communicated to other companies within the same corporate group, including our affiliates, which are located outside of Mexico. Our affiliates have implemented measures and policies for its customers’ data protections; these policies result consistent with ours and try to comply with the provisions set out by the law in each country.
b. Bijou may send all or a part of your personal data to service providers that support us with some data processing activities. These providers include: (i) technology companies that provide us with several communication or infrastructure services; and (ii) companies that provide us with publicity or loyalty program management services. In all these cases, Bijou ensures that these service providers assume contractual obligations that allow our customers’ personal data is protected.
c. Likewise, Bijou may transfer its customers’ personal data to administrative or judicial authorities, when the transfer is necessary or legally required when safeguarding a public interest, Bijou’s protection of rights, third parties’ protection of rights or for the enforcement and administration of justice. Additionally, Bijou may use or disclose your personal data when we consider, in good faith, that the applicable law allows us to use or disclose your data. This includes, for example, when such transfer is necessary in order to protect you, to answer to claims or protect Bijou’s property rights or security, its affiliates or third parties’ rights.
d. Also, the customers’ information may be communicated or transferred to a third party, in the course of a corporate transaction, including a merger or an assets sale or an acquisition.
e. In other cases, when permitted by the applicable law or when it is consented by you to perform the transfer.
Due to the international nature of Bijou’s operations, all the aforementioned transfers may be of national or international nature; likewise, all are precise in order to maintain or comply with the commercial relationship held between Bijou and its customers and, therefore, we do not require consent from the customer in order to execute them. Bijou does not lease nor sells personal data obtained from you to any third party.

7. Which are your rights?

You have at all times the right to access and view the information we have about you: likewise, you have the right to require such information to be corrected or cancelled; you may oppose from Bijou’s use to your personal data for specific purposes and/or revoke at any time the consent you granted us from the processing of your personal data to the extent permitted by law. In order to exercise such rights or to ask any questions or complain in relation to the processing of your personal data please contact our Personal Data Department (“PDD”). Please address your request to, in response to the “Head of the Personal Data Department “.

Your requests will be evaluated in the terms set out in the applicable laws. Our PDD will communicate you (i) the information required for your identification as well as the documents needed to be sent alongside your request; (ii) the time periods in which you will receive an answer to your request; (iii) how you should file your request, including the forms that you may use to file your request, if any, and; (iv) the form or means in which we will deliver you the information.

8. What options do I have to limit the way in which Bijou uses my personal data?

Bijou offers you choices regarding how we use your personal data; we offer you several means to inform us about your decision.

If you desire not to receive advertisement messages from us or cancel your subscription to our information services, you: (a) have the option to decline to receive this information when registering in stores and when filling out our website form; (b) you may unsubscribe to our email lists by using the mechanism set out in our emails.

9. Security Measures.

Bijou has adopted appropriate physical, organizational and technical security measurements in order to protect your personal data from lost and non-authorized use or access.

10. Changes to the Privacy Notice

Bijou reserves the right to make changes or updates to this Privacy Notice at any time. The modified notice will be published in visible areas in our stores and/or our website or will be sent to you via email. Our customers can verify that the Notice has been modified given that we will note the date of last update. In case that Bijou performs any substantial change to your personal data processing, we will let you know through a notice sent to you via email or published in our Website. All changes performed to our privacy notice will be effective 30 calendar days after its publication. If you do not agree with the modifications, please contact our PDD.